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Craft, knowledge & awareness

Amba und Simon

Amba is a tailor and designer who learned her craft in women's tailoring and studied design in Florence. During the twelve years of her life in Tuscany, she learned to love and appreciate Italy. Today she gives workshops such as “Sew your happiness” and “Upcycling for the soul”, in which she shares her passion with her students with great pleasure.

Simon works with precious stones and as a designer for men's jewelry. For many years he ran an extraordinary garden lounge in Heidelberg. He is also passionate about meditative improvisation on the piano.

Why Casa Rosalba?

Upcycling a house has long been our lifelong dream
and to create an oasis from something that has almost fallen into disrepair.

We  have been dealing with the Inner Path for many years.
Ask ourselves who we really are and what we really want. What are we here for?
We have both had spiritual teachers for many years who have helped us to see more clearly and to recognize the meanders and rapids of the flow of life better and to take them more calmly.
Enriching exchanges with people is a matter close to our hearts
Meeting each other in the craft is important to us.
Learning to distinguish between the important and the unimportant is important to us.

We both lived in community for a while and appreciate the advantages of this way of life very much.
Simplicity, truth and equality are central values to us.
That we feel better in the midst of nature is a knowledge.
And: we freely confess (to speak with Schiller): we believe in the reality of an unselfish love. :-)

We look forward to all people who recognize how important it is in this time of change to be  to network, to connect, to share knowledge and to trust the big picture. Who do not doubt, but want to grow, are courageous and  want to move forward in love.
Let's create havens of security.

We would like to thank all of our dear companions who have come with us up to this point and who continue to give us courage and strength for our heart project.
Thanks be to God for yours  golden abundance and unconditional love that you freely provide to us every day. 

Valloria, Casa Rosalba

We look forward to you !

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