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Om, Casa Rosalba Valloria
Tango &Kizomba Retreat Oktober 23
Tango &Kizomba Retreat Oktober 23
Oct 01, 2023, 4:00 PM – Oct 08, 2023, 11:00 AM
18020 Valloria, Province of Imperia, Italien
Kennenlerntreffen Gemeinschaft  Casa Rosalba 2021
Here you will get answers to the following questions:


What is the background of the project?

Why Valloria?

How can we / I get involved?

What can we invest in?

How can we live?

What do I bring in?

I am ready? ​

Casa Rosalba is an offer to latch onto a vision.

We have also described what our dream is in the films and texts:

One of the main concerns is our gradual assumption of responsibility for all areas of life that are important to us.


This includes:

To choose well the place where we want to be.

A good climate, friendly temperatures, a lot of nature around us, the possibility of creating a garden in which healthy vegetables of old varieties grow, water flows, a manageable number of people who live close together, we and others can pass on our knowledge and each other Become a helper and teacher, meet you with love and devotion.

Jesus says: You have never met anyone other than me.


The place can be reached from Germany by car, if necessary also by bike.

The village is located a bit out of the way in the mountains, but the town with all its facilities such as doctors, hospital, shops, train station, etc. can be reached in 20 minutes.


If the foreign language gives you a question mark:

Italian is a beautiful language that is easy to learn. Here we get help from a lovely Italian teacher and the villagers. 

In addition, most of us will probably speak German.

And: the Germans and the Italians basically get along well here. :-)

There are many Germans with their own houses in the area.  

What we want to practice here is getting off the hamster wheel. We are not of the opinion that people should serve money, but that money should serve people.

That is why we are of the long-term view that we need to reconsider the subject of money and we would like to work out and establish a new way of dealing with money and energy exchange with the people who find their way here.


However, since areas of life still have to be paid for with money, such as the final purchase of the center building, it is essential that everyone makes a contribution.

In the center house Casa Rosalba some people will be able to live who feel called to take care of the organizational structure of the seminar house community together with us.

In fact, that means: seminars, organization, reception, administration, guest care, café, shop, garden.

That means, some “jobs” will also be available here.


We don't see ourselves as bosses, but as initials.

Somehow, this place manifested itself through us, found the house, the financing up to the present point resulted in people who are in resonance with us and the project.

What will come into shape here will be the result of the cooperation of all those involved.

We can't do this alone.

We can only communicate what is represented in us as a vision, but then everyone has to choose himself. And also take responsibility for himself and his actions.

What do I bring in?

Now you ask: how can I be there?

You can be there by choosing.

There is space here for people who, with a pure soul, decide to pamper themselves in a larger whole without the constant question: what do I get for it, but rather with the question of what do I want to give.

And of course, it's a cycle, we give and we get.

At this place, for example, God has already given us plenty of gifts without us having given anything back: He created this wonderful piece of earth and made it available to us so that we can enjoy it and so that it serves us.

We are simply happy to accept this offer and now see what we can give back and how we can give the human family a happy place in a healthy environment.


How can we live?

The house "Casa Rosalba" is a house in a village.

It offers space for a few determined, but only a few.

However, there are still many vacant houses and apartments that will be happy to welcome new owners. We help with the search and are also happy that we are already very fluent in the Italian language and that we also have good connections to the people in the village.

So buying or renting will be an option. Depending on the possibility.

However, everyone is asked for an insert so that the centerpiece can be expanded.

Each of you will also spend time there and can use it to pass on your knowledge, to work there, to exhibit, to celebrate, to eat, or whatever else.


How can we / I get involved?

As long as Casa Rosalba is still under construction, we will always need help with the construction and expansion.

Are you a good handyman? Do you know about building that is human-friendly? Or do you just feel like lending a hand while working? Or do you know someone who wanted that?

We also offer the option of putting your energy at your disposal 5 hours a day on the basis of hand against bunk and for this you can eat and live here freely.


Furthermore, we are entrusted with the purchase of another property with the possibility of acquiring a portion of this property on a time-sharing or space-sharing basis.

This will be a room that is used privately and rooms that are shared by others.

Here the share is expected to be between € 15,000 and € 30,000.

If you would like more detailed information on this, please write to us.

The heading Community also stands above this model. If you are looking for a remote mountain cottage, you will not get used to this option.

And then there are still opportunities to contribute financially without having to move here right away.

For example, you can make a deposit of € 10,000 and enjoy the fact that you have supported a good project. Simply that way.

We have just started a fundraising campaign. Here you come to the campaign.

Or you can make a contribution and make a project possible that you move to twice a year and just spend a good time there with others. In exchange, in meditation, stick your fingers in the ground, help with the harvest, make an exhibition, relax, get healthy, meet like-minded people, hike, swim, read aloud, be happy.

Or you can provide us with a loan.

Could be a good opportunity to invest your money during these times.

I am ready?

So if this text touches you and you recognize the desire in you to become part of the Casa Rosalba vision, then write to us.

Tell us briefly and concisely who you are, why the project attracts you, what you can do and what you want to contribute, and also what you expect and hope for.

Are you ready to pay the deposit?

Can you see the benefit?

Are you ready for fellowship?

Which does not mean that we will be connected day and night!

Everyone is invited to continue to take responsibility for themselves and their upkeep, in any case until the point in time when the project is self-sustaining thanks to all of us.

Nonetheless, a community helps through dry spells.

Are you ready for this

If this question annoys you, ask yourself why.

Maybe then it just isn't the time.


However, if you answer yes to these questions, then don't hesitate: write to us! Come to our get-to-know meeting with integrated olive harvest from October 20th.

We look forward to you, to getting to know you.

Casa Rosalba, that’s WE together.



and then there was ...

We want to sing and dance and make music.

That’s shared a lot more beautiful r

We look forward to you!

Casa Rosalba community



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