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Be a part of the change
                    ... so that he is in the world.
Wandel, Menschheitsfamilie

We are now starting our community fundraising campaign at STARTNEXT.  If you support this project, you are not only helping us to create this place. You also create a wonderful oasis for yourself and others, where you can find like-minded people and are always warmly welcome.

Dear Friends of Change,

if you want to create a beautiful seminar location where you can pass on your knowledge in a paradisiacal setting,
can now participate in the construction of the same and make it possible through pre-financing. 
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In order to complete project phase 1 and to return the powerful old walls of CASA ROSALBA to the cycle of life and to acquire it in full, we currently need funding of € 50,000.

Of this amount, € 15,000 will be used for the first stabilization work. Then we can offer rooms for the first seminars and courses as early as 2022.

The donations that exceed the funding target in the first campaign will be used directly for the work in phase 3 - the expansion of Casa Rosalba to include more guest rooms.


Om Casa Rosalba Valloria
The "Grande Sala" is the meeting place for readings, courses and lectures.
The place serves the exchange and networking of like-minded people and wants to nurture a healthy coexistence.


As soon as the reconstruction of the house allows, a seminar and community space will be created with the opportunity to pass on or acquire knowledge in the form of seminars, workshops or retreats.  

In addition, rooms are created for people who need a break and want a connection to community - book writing time, convalescence, immersion in a new life topic, spiritual growth and much more

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"Grand Sala"
Casa Rosalba


Knowledge & awareness


Om Casa Rosalba Valloria
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